Welcome to open·control !

Here are a few steps that will get you started

  1. Create a folder named Remote Scripts in your Ableton User Library (you can find the location of the User Library in the “Library” tab of Live’s Preferences).
  2. Download the latest Control Surface script.
  3. Unzip the file, copy the folder open_control inside it and paste it into the Remote Scripts folder you created
  4. Relaunch Live if it was open, open the Preferences, and go to the Link/Tempo/MIDI Tab
  5. Configure the MIDI Preferences as below :

    You should see the color of the LEDs change and open·control display a Scene name.

  6. Go to the Web Editor or Download it to configure open·control (compatible browsers: Chrome, Edge and Opera).
    • A message asking to let kblivesolutions.github.io use your MIDI devices will appear. Click on Allow.

You are now ready to fully enjoy open·control. Have fun !

Makers, visit the for the Makers section for some explanations.